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RTD Kirkuk (Nebilet)
21 Jan 2021

RTD Basra (Spasmomen)
01 Jan 2021


About Al Moudawi

Our Group:

Almoudawi pharmaceuticals was founded in 2013 with the synergy of two groups that have more than 50 years experience in the medical and pharmaceutical fields.

The expertise in the medical and OTC promotion along with the knowledge of the Iraqi market and its dynamics brought these two groups together to create a company that guarantees internationally recognized quality.


One of Almoudawi's strong points is its collaboration with international partners and creating highly skilled human resources and excellence in Regulatory & Distribution network covering all of Iraq. Almoudawi in such a short time frame created an efficient system for ensuring quality, from importing to storing and to distribution insuring excellence in every step.


Our Philosophy & Vision

We are committed to growing our business by continuing our development through providing representation and distribution of pharmaceutical products as a complete and seamless service of impeccable quality. This can only be achieved through continuous investment in our operational capabilities and logistics infrastructure.

Our mission is to continue to ensure reliable delivery and supply of medications to the right place at the right time and to those who need it across Iraq.