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RTD Kirkuk (Nebilet)
21 Jan 2021

RTD Basra (Spasmomen)
01 Jan 2021

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We are an international pharmaceutical R&D company which develops and produces innovative medicines against serious illnesses. Our priority is the development of modern biotech drugs and personalized cancer treatment.

We are constantly manufacturing new products and create suitable conditions for biotechnology development Our philosophy stands for ensuring that the results of the most progressive researches as well as modern treatment methods are available to as many people as possible.

We do our best constantly creating new products and effective conditions for developing biotechnology. Our R&D activities take place in our research center and in cooperation with our partners around the world.
We are an international company based in Parma, with more 80 years of experience and a strong focus on research, development, production and the commercialisation of innovative medicines in the Respiratory, Neonatology, Rare Disease and Special Care Therapeutic Areas.

Its R&D centres in Parma (Italy), Paris (France), Cary (USA), Chippenham and Oxford (UK) and Lidingö (Sweden) part of the acquisition of protein therapeutics biotech Zymenex in 2013. We export to more than 80 countries with a direct presence in 28.

The Chiesi Group employs approximately 5,624 people, 788 of whom are dedicated to R&D activities and 827 of whom work at production sites in Italy, France and Brazil.
The Menarini Group is the leading Italian pharmaceutical company in the world, a guarantee of internationally recognised quality. The achieved results are proof of an efficient strategy based on Research, Innovation and Internationalisation, along with the ability to recognize and meet the needs of physicians and patients alike.

One of the Menarini Group's strong points is its collaboration with international partners: the goal is to create synergies that give rise to cutting-edge solutions, pharmaceutical products, and services in the health sector.